Leaving DNA
Who are we? Where did we come from? These questions have been bothering mankind since time immemorial. And Living DNA provides an ancestral answer to some of these mysteries. The company is made up of 100 world-leading scientists, academic researchers, and genetic experts, practicing cutting-edge DNA technology to give you detailed information about your heritage.

Using their DNA testing kit, you will receive an in-depth understanding of your ethnic makeup, family background, where your father’s/mother’s side of the family came from, and much more. Now if you are interested in using the service but still have some doubts, then this Living DNA Review will surely help clear things out.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

Why Should You Use Living DNA?

  • You want to learn about your family lineage.
  • You want a percentage wise breakdown on your ethnic diversity.
  • You want to know which parts of the world your ancestors lived in thousands of years ago.


  • Follows all the latest cutting-edge techniques in DNA testing.
  • Searches around 80 different regions worldwide to give you region-specific data.
  • No cost shipping to the lab.
  • Updates if any changes appear in the findings.
  • Offers an Ancestry Book showing the journey of your ancestors. (extra add-on)


  • More expensive than other DNA testing services.
  • Takes a long time to deliver the in-depth analysis.
  • Can’t help you find any living relatives. (although the feature will arrive in the near future.)

Special Features

What Living DNA offers is quite different from its contemporaries. Here is a list of all the features they bring to the table:

  • A complete genetic tracing back up to 10 generations.
  • Tests all the 23 chromosomes of a DNA to obtain rich insightful results.
  • All the data are divided into different regions spread across countries to give you a detailed insight.
  • Paternal and Maternal lineage along with full Family Ancestry.
  • Interactive Maps to help you understand how your ancestors migrated.
  • You are given access to raw DNA data which can be used by other genealogy tests.
  • High on Security and Privacy: your data is sent posted online on the company’s own website.


There are two pricing plans offered by Living DNA. The base $79 plans give you a basic understanding of your family ancestry, your paternal line, and your maternal line. If you throw in an extra $69 then you get access to an Ancestry Book which shows the journey of ancestors.

What’s in the Box?

With the DNA testing kit, you will receive two vials with one cheek swab each and a paid envelope.

How does it work?

Leaving DNA
You will have to swab the inside of your cheek and put it inside the vial. One of them is the sample which will be used testing, and the other one is for backup. Once done, just put the vials insides the envelope and mail it – that’s it.

Now it is a matter of waiting. The company states it can take up to 10-12 weeks to generate the results.

In Conclusion

All in all, if you are interested in the geographical history of your ancestors and wish to learn how they traveled around the world and meet one another, then Living DNA can help you solve that mystery. Side by side, the company also runs this vast mission to showcase how all of us humans are connected to one another – thereby breaking this sense of division.