NewLifeGenetics is a DNA testing company which will give you insight on how your DNA is affecting your overall life. Let’s take, for example, two friends following the same diet plan, the same workout regimen, and even learn guitar from the same tutor. But even then, one of them somehow become healthier and more talented, irrespective of the fact that they both put in the same amount of effort.

This is because of factors like weight loss, muscle development, and even learning, are affected by our genes. For the purpose of this read, we will be looking into the different DNA testing services offered by NewLifeGenetics to help you make the right decision:

Why Should You Use NewLifeGenetics?

If you are struggling in a certain area of your health, where you are putting in the effort but not seeing any improvement, then NewLifeGenetics can provide priceless insight.

Here are some pros and cons on NewLifeGenetics to give you  an overview of their service:


  • ISO17025 certified medical grade laboratory
  • Consists of a diverse team of expert scientists
  • Comprehensive results with high accuracy
  • Short turnaround time with quick delivery
  • Free worldwide shipping(31 countries) with prepaid return postage
  • Focus on privacy and security with Comodo Security Certificate


  • Expensive
  • Data shared with select third-party services, including credit card processors.

Different DNA Testing Packages

NewLifeGenetics offers a diverse list of different DNA testing packages which are mentioned below:

  • NLG Weight Loss DNA Test ($227.17) – tests DNA to find out about your genetic obesity potential.
  • NLG Sport & Fitness Test ($296.61) – tests DNA to genetic makeup to provide recommendations about fitness, workout, diet, weight management, micronutrient absorption, and skin care.
  • NLG Skin & Acne Test ($137.89) – will study your genes to understand your predisposition to develop acne and will provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations to prevent them.
  • NLG Talent DNA Test ($217.25) – will show your full mental, physical, and intellectual potential.
  • NLG DNA Test for Stress ($227.17) – will help you access how your genes affect your stress response, and how you can control it.
  • NLG Allergy DNA Test ($118.05) – a test to find out about what type of allergies you might have, or develop in the future.
  • NLG DNA Test for Kids & Babies ($247.01) – a DNA test which will give you all the necessary information about your child at the start of his/her life.

Privacy & Security

All personal data you provide to NewLifeGenetics are protected by implementing various physical and technical means. Start from the moment you place an order on the website, to the kit payment registration process, and the final report, everything is protected using SSL encryption.

The company is also focused on privacy, but they do share your info with certain partners. This includes the service providers, laboratory testers, and credit card, processors. But the list ends here and no other party can access your data without your prior permission.

By default, your DNA results are stored along with your unique ID, but you can choose to delete it permanently if you are concerned.

What’s in the Box?

Every DNA test kit comes with 2 swab tubes, one pair of gloves, and detailed instruction on how to use it. Apart from this, you will also get a return box, a prepaid return envelope, and a personal ID code which you will need to access the result.

How does it work?

Put on the gloves, and take out a swab tube. Now clean your mouth with water, and perform a cheek swab. And that is it. Now all you have to do is mail the sample and wait for your results. The other swab tube is for emergency purposes, in case something goes wrong on the first attempt.