As you all know, our genes are the blueprint to who we are. And so by analyzing our genes, we can learn about ourselves – what diet suits us best, how much exercise we need, our skin type and so on. It can also unveil mysteries about our ancestry, and answer the age old question – where do we come from? If you are interested in DNA testing services, then you can take help from Vitagene.

Vitagene, founded in 2014, San Francisco, CA, is dedicated to genetics, healthcare, nutrition, vitamins, diet, and exercise. They offer an array of services including DNA and gene testing. If you are curious about the different DNA testing services Vitagene offers, this review will be extremely helpful. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Why Should You Use Vitagene?

Vitagene uses DNA testing coupled with big data, machine learning, and the latest scientific research and technology to ensure that their customers are not falling prey to advertisements and buying/using products that actually help them.

Besides offering you information about what type of nutrition your body requires, the company also provides vitamin bundles, nutrition coaching, and other health-related services. So if you don’t like going around multiple shops, Vitagene can be your one spot destination to improve your health and overall well-being.


  • Wide Coverage of option for genetic exploration
  • CLIA and CAP certified
  • FDA approved manufacturing process of their DNA testing kits
  • Quick reporting
  • Provides raw DNA data, so you can use it for consulting with a third-party
  • Focus on privacy and security
  • Affordable


  • Reports cover basic information. Doesn’t go in-depth
  • Only available in the US.

How it works?

First, you order your DNA testing kit from Vitagene which usually takes 3-5 days to arrive at your footsteps. You follow the instructions to cheek swab a sample of your DNA and send to back to the company inside the prepaid mailer.

There your DNA is analyzed. You will be also given an online health questionnaire which you can fill, to let Vitagene understand about your health and fitness goals. Taking your report and goals into consideration they will create a personalized plan for you in 4-6 weeks.

Special Features

Here is a quick look at all the features/services offered by Vitagene:

Ancestry Report: DNA testing that reveals information about your global ancestry.

Diet Reports: learn what is the best diet that suits your genetic makeup.

Supplement Report: discover which supplements you should take based on your genes.

Exercise Report: learn how frequently and intensely you should exercise to stay fit.

Skin Reports: learn about your skin type by analyzing your DNA.

Monthly Personalized Supplements: a subscription-based plan which delivers 4 smart supplements tailored to your needs. You will get a 90 day supply of the supplements mailed to your address.


None of the above services are sold individually or as a one-off service. There are bundled into packages, each combining a number of these services and priced differently.

For example, the most basic is the Health Report Package priced at $49 for which you get diet reports, exercise reports, and supplement reports. If you wish to have access to the ancestry report along with all the above, then there is the ancestry DNA test at $89. And if you want access to all the services, then there is the Vitality Bundle priced at $199.